We Keep YOU Safe!

Danger Electric Services

Our entire work product is professional quality, performed with National Electrical Code compliance.   We offer specialized power circuitry, creative energy efficient solutions with a focus on commercial improvements and a functional one-year guarantee.

We also now feature our in-house, NABCEP Certified, Design and Construction Expert to optimize your on-site Solar Power Production!   Complete turn-key systems include permits, all utility coordination, rebate assistance and financing.

Our insurance coverages include extensive Professional Liability, Liability for all Company Fleet vehicles, and a Professional Errors and Omissions policy for your specialty project.

Residential Electric Services

Panel Replacement

Panel Replacement

In all homes, safe electrical distribution starts with your circuit breaker panel. In older homes, previous electrical repairs or additions could be unsafe!

Homes more than 20 years old do not have the modern arc-fault or dual-function circuit breakers that are required to meet current codes. We also recommend Whole House Surge Protection which is also a new requirement. Surge Suppressors protect equipment in your home that can be damaged during power outages and grid interruptions.

Service Upgrade

Service Upgrades

A Service Upgrade refers to an increase in the power available to your home electrical system from your electrical power provider. As we add more equipment to our homes, including solar power production, a Service Upgrade can be one of the safety improvements that can prevent an overload. Often, a Panel Replacement or a Service Upgrade can be included in a Solar Power installation. That means this benefit can be part of your rebate also!

Backup Generator

Backup Generators or Battery Storage

Sometimes, the need for electricity is so convenient or even necessary, that we add a whole house backup generator or battery pack that can provide power if there is an interruption in the grid. In conjunction with a Solar Production System, a battery pack can provide “power-shaving” that makes your system even more efficient!

Service Call

Any minor Service Call

We specialize in professional repairs at every level. Sometimes, just replacing an outlet, switch, Light Fixture or circuit breaker is all that’s necessary. Sometimes, something that may seem simple can reveal additional problems that aren’t simple.

Leave everything electrical to the experts, remember “We Keep You Safe!”

Commercial Electric Services

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Knowing that an experienced commercial electrician is just a phone call away means peace of mind.   With several State Licensed Journeyman and Master Electricians on staff, our combined resources mean less downtime for you. From a circuit failure on a critical piece of production equipment to a system-wide failure, we can get you back up and running in record time. Our team will focus on your specific needs from analysis to resolution while keeping you informed throughout the process.

Just In Time

Just in time production for your New Equipment needs

From adding production capacity or just improving the workspace environment, we can help you take the lead! The process of planning and actual startup of new equipment doesn’t have to be painful, but it can be.

Collaborative communication provides a seamless process from conception to production. We focus on understanding your needs so that we can provide the best solutions with the electrical system that you have.

If your existing system can’t meet your new requirements, our team will advise you on the best steps along the way to ensure maximum performance for your investment.

Led Lighting

LED lighting retrofit/replacement

Many older commercial lighting systems can be easily and inexpensively updated with the correct retrofit component. Some older lighting systems can be replaced with LED fixtures that are so much better that they can pay for themselves very quickly. The improvements in efficiency, longevity and the overall quality of the light spectrum make the LED upgrades a high priority for happier employees, clientele, and overall profits!

LPEA rebates are still available.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Most people don’t think of their electrical system as a moving part!

Equipment systems age like everything else and having a Preventive Maintenance Program can save you thousands of dollars of downtime. Our Infrared photography service can identify problems before they become obvious to you.   Every electrical failure point overheats, and early detection means a simple procedure scheduled at your convenience. The alternative flashpoint failure is extremely costly in equipment downtime and lost wages. We Keep You Safe!